Snowed In

Remind me why we live in Maine again?

About a week ago we had a fierce snowstorm up here and ordinarily, this would be no big deal.  We’re prepared, we’ve got snow plows.  We think  “Oh, look at the pretty snowflakes,” pour ourselves some hot chocolate and cozy up for the night.  Oh, how wrong we were.


Awww, look at Arty enjoying the snowfall.  What a cutie, right?

But then, the snowfall turns not-so-cute.  We lose power.  Turns out the snow we got was the wet, heavy, mashed potatoes sort, the kind that weighs down all the power lines.  And to make it even more fun, our house in on a well with an electric pump, so no heat or hot water, yay!

At first, we tried to make the best of it – we’ll just go to bed and hope that the power is back in the morning!  And then when it wasn’t, our gas fireplace still worked and knitting doesn’t require electricity.  I can totally do this!


But after a while, one needs to drink water or shower or use the restroom…so we check in with the power company and about 95% of our town is without power and the estimated recovery time is “assessing.”  In addition, they sent us a text letting us know that 1) there was a power outage and 2) that the cause was “weather.”  Thanks, guys!  Super helpful!

By this time I was starting to get anxious, since for my tech editing business, I work from home and needed to finish an assignment by the end of the next day.  What if we didn’t get the power back?  I couldn’t miss my deadline!  Eventually we decide to trek into town to my husband’s office – surely they have power there.  And mercifully, they did!  We were able to avail ourselves of the building’s facilities and internet and I was able to finish my edit on time!  Hurray!

We wouldn’t get our power back for another 20 miserable hours.  Another freezing, cold night piled under all the blankets in the house.  It’s just this kind of thing that makes you really appreciate modern technology, like heat and indoor plumbing.  That is the lesson I’m choosing to take from all of this.

That or the first opportunity we get, we’re moving to a house that doesn’t have a well.

Since we’ve gotten our power back, the pattern I edited has been published.  Guys, meet Seachange by Jenn Steingass:


It’s a bottom-up stranded yoke pullover that’s knit all in once piece with BC Garn Semilla Melange.  Jenn’s fairly new to designing and she’s really made her debut with a splash!  I especially love the stranded yoke motif – it’s just beautiful and I can’t wait to knit my own. She’s organizing a KAL for this sweater and I will be joining in as soon as I am able!  If you do decide to join in knitting this stunning sweater, share your creations on Instagram with #KLWSeachangeKAL.  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



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