Fall is well and truly here: the falling leaves, the falling temperatures, and sundown creeping earlier and earlier.  What a perfect time to cozy up by the fire in the warm embrace of your favorite blanket or, if you love yarn as much as I do, a brand-new sweater!

Cue, Ishnana:


See how excited I am?  Is it because Walker and I are about to flee the onslaught of trick-or-treaters?  Or is it because this baby fits like a dream?  No one will ever know.

I can only chalk the superb fit to Ysolda Teague’s skill in writing a knitting pattern.    I didn’t have to change anything to make it fit so perfectly.  I might have made the torso a little longer, but that’s just to cover my insecurities (read: hips).

The construction is one-piece from the hem up, splitting for the arm holes and seaming at the shoulder.  The sleeves are then picked up from the armhole edges and knit in the round to the cuff.  You only have to sew the shoulders and any loose ends – my favorite kind of sweater!  I don’t know about you, but I get super lazy about sweater finishing.  Once I’m done knitting, I want to wear it immediately and not bother with any seaming nonsense.  In fact, it took approximately 2 months for me to 1) order buttons for this sweater and 2) sew them in place.  Tsk, tsk.

The back is gorgeous, too.  Check this out:


Look at that gorgeous cable!  I’ll be wearing this baby as often as I can justify (read: all the damn time).  And here is the sleeve:


Don’t be intimidated by the lace pattern – it’s a 4 round repeater that’s very easy to memorize.  What a beautiful design.  With all the design elements, at no point did this project get boring, but neither was it too complicated to manage in front of the TV. (Also my favorite kind of sweater).  What can I say?  I’m in love.

I kinda love the yarn, too.  Lately, I’ve been trying to branch out from my usual stash of KnitPicks yarn.  I do know that there is a wealth of fiber waiting for me out there, but I needed to have this color in my closet.  It’s just the right peachy pink and I know the Stroll yarn will stand up well to knitting and general wear.  Next time I’ll branch out, I promise…

How have you been celebrating the onset of sweater weather?  Let me know!


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